Ost-Ghouta: Zivilgesellschaft fordert Ende der Belagerung und Angriffe (SWPM)

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement (SWPM)

23. Februar 2018 – Das Bündnis The Syrian Women’s Political Movement (SWPM) appelliert an die internationale Gemeinschaft, auf ein Ende der Belagerung von Ost-Ghouta hinzuwirken. Das SWPM richtete eine entsprechende Stellungnahme an den UN-Sicherheitsrat, der sich verpflichtet habe, die Einbeziehung der syrischen Frauen im politischen Prozess sicherzustellen:

The Syrian regime, aided and abetted by Russia and Iran, is mercilessly targeting civilians in violation of international law and the will of the Security Council, including UN Security Council resolutions 2118 (2013) and 2254 (2015) and the Geneva Communiqué. Yet to date, Assad has suffered no meaningful consequences for his war crimes and so his atrocities grow ever more horrific.

On behalf of the women trapped inside Eastern Ghouta, the Syrian Women’s Political Movement is calling on the international community to:

(i) Break the siege of East Ghouta through all means possible, including urgently delivering humanitarian airdrops to the besieged population;

(ii) Protect civilians from indiscriminate attacks, including taking action to stop the bombs that are raining on women and children.

(iii) Support an immediate ceasefire that includes credible consequences if and when violence resumes and any parties besiege civilians or bomb civilian life.

The Syrian Women’s Movement is an independent, political movement composed of female political activists who struggled against the tyrannical Assad regime. The Movement demands freedom, justice and dignity for all Syrian citizens as it defends the rights of women and their right to representation in all Syrian institutions.

Diese Stellungnahme des Syrian Women’s Political Movement wurde am 23. Februar 2018 veröffentlicht.